Hori-door Bt. was established in 2000 with the primary purpose of broadening the door panel selection for the Hungarian market. The founders have several years' experience marketing and distributing plastic doors and windows. Besides manufacturing foreign (English, Greek, Italian, etc.) style panels, the Hori-door is developing a family of Hungarian-style door panels, and intends to be the first to complete domestic serial production of reinforced panels.

The manufacturing technology is focused on finding a customer-oriented, flexible application system. Computer-controlled vacuum forming machinery and modern adhesive technology are used to ensure consistent quality construction. The professional crew strives for order-customized, flexible production. The wide selection of geometrical and individually designed stained glass inserts - produced in the firm’s own glass shop – make it easy to choose the panel style that fits best the customers’ needs. The most popular styles are immediately shipped from stock.

The company is interested in expanding its sales and marketing activities, and therefore will consider various commercial methods besides sales constructions.